Review 1 - IV Find the plane that contains(x-1/2= y/3 = z 2 and(x 2/4 =(y-2/6 = z/2 V Let R(t)=< t 2 t 1 e t sin t> At t = 0 find a v a T a T

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MA 242 REVIEW I I. Consider the plane x-2y+3z = 6 and the point P: (2,1,5) a, Find the line perpendicular to the plane through P b. Find the distance from the point to the plane. II. Find the line of intersection of the planes x + 2y - z = 5 and 2x + y + z = 3 III. Given points P (1,0,1), Q: (2,3,-1) and R: ( 3, -2, 2), find a. the line that contains P and Q. b. the plane that contains P, Q and R. c. the area of the triangle with verticies P, Q and R
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Find the plane that contains (x-1)/2= y/3 = z+2 and (x+2)/4 = (y-2)/6 = z/2. V. Let R(t)= < t 2 + t + 1 , e t , sin ( t ) > . At t = 0, find a. v, a, T, a T , a N , B and N. b. the tangent line and osculating plane. c. the formula for the length of the curve from t=0 to t=5. VI. Find the intersection of x- 2y + x = 2 and (x+1)/2 = (y - 1)/ 2 = z/ (-2). 1...
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