CIS339 EOC Questions - Chapter 09

CIS339 EOC Questions - Chapter 09 - EOC Questions Chapter 9...

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EOC Questions Chapter 9 Systems Analysis and Design with UML Version 2.0 Chapter 9 MOVING ON TO DESIGN 1. What is the primary difference between an analysis model and a design model? The analysis model essentially ignores non-functional requirements such as performance and system environment issues. In contrast, the design models take these issues into account toward preparing for development that is affordable and maintainable as well as meeting functional requirements. 2. What does factoring mean? How is it related to abstraction and refinement? Factoring is the process of organizing modules (classes or methods) taking into account the possibilities of creating new generalized groupings from a set of classes or methods and differentiating concrete new classes or methods. Abstraction and refinement are two specific methods for factoring -- abstracting common features into a "superclass" and refining classes by creating spin-off concrete "subclasses". 3. What is a partition? How does a partition relate to collaboration? A partition is like a "subsystem". It represents a collection of modules that are interrelated and somewhat self-contained. 4. What is a layer? Name the different layers. Layers are different elements of the system architecture. The main layers suggested by the book are: foundation, system architecture, human-computer interaction, data management, and problem domain. 5. What is a package? How are packages related to partitions and layers? A package is a general construct that groups together various UML elements. For example, the package can group use-case diagrams, class and collaboration diagrams, and even other sets of packages.
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CIS339 EOC Questions - Chapter 09 - EOC Questions Chapter 9...

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