CIS339 Week 5 Homework

CIS339 Week 5 Homework - CIS339 Homework Week#5#1 What is...

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CIS339 Homework Week #5 #1 What is the primary difference between an analysis model and a design model? The Analysis model answers the question What the business needs, while the design model answers how to build it. The analysis model shows us the problem and the design shows how the solution can be implemented. #2 What is a walkthrough? How does it relate to verification and validation? Walkthroughs are similar when debugging programs, you inspect the source code by following logical paths through the algorithms or codes as determined by input conditions and choices made along the way. Verification answers the question “Are we building it the system right” and validation answers “Are we building the right system?” Walkthrough relates to these two because you can get the answer by following the walkthrough. Putting validations and verifications where it is needed will give you a complete system. #5 What is meant by balancing the models? When modeling detailed characteristics of the system in a data dictionary and set of process specifications, it is easy to develop several different inconsistent interpretations of that one reality. This is a particularly serious danger on large projects, where various people and various special interest groups are likely to be involved. It is also a danger whenever the project
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CIS339 Week 5 Homework - CIS339 Homework Week#5#1 What is...

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