ANT 230 Exam 2 Study Guide

ANT 230 Exam 2 Study Guide - ANT 230 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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ANT 230 Exam 2 Study Guide Major issues/themes Summarize the key facets of the culture of the ER, including the players involved. 4 Main Determinants: Biomedical culture in general External environment Hospital culture Function of the ER Applies to doctors, patients, employees of the ER According to Katz, what is the purpose of ritual in the operating room? Aimed at cleanliness/ prevention of contamination Objects characterized as sterile or non-sterile Exagerrate boundaries (through stages) Discontinuity from everyday life Establishes acceptable behavior Defines when deviance permitted Characterize the biomedical approach of each country discussed by Lynn Payer, linking the approach to the country’s broader culture. West Germany - Romantic thought process due to romanticism influence - Heart as working with body in circulation, not just a pump - Doctors paid by the act – as many tests for one patient as possible - Rather treat heart disease w/ drugs rather than bypass France - Cartesian thinking – importance of process rather than the outcome - Mind/Body split – Cartesian Dichotomy - Diagnose by looking at patient/X-ray while American doctors look more at lab tests - More concerned about fertility, rarely perform hysterectomys - Concerned about the liver - Doctors are more willing to diagnose things as a liver crisis so patients feel more comfortable - Breast cancer treated less invasively due to higher premium on physical appearance Great Britain - Doctors do less; shorter visits; less likely to do routine examinations - Fewer surgeries - Patient less likely to be labeled sick by a doctor - Stiff upper lip – stoic attitude about the body - Obsessed w/ bowel movement - Empiricism – medical knowledge derived from experience – evidence-based medicine United States - Cowboy Medicine ” – aggressive, invasive, medical treatments - Higher doses of drugs
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ANT 230 Exam 2 Study Guide - ANT 230 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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