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Healthy Eating Plan2 - Healthy Eating Plan 1 Healthy Eating...

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Healthy Eating Plan 1 Healthy Eating Plan Part Two Keyatta Marshall August 02, 2009
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2 Healthy Eating Plan Eating healthy has not been the easiest task to accomplish, but with continued hard work all efforts will pay off. With over 61% of adult Americans being considered obese or overweight, the best option is to eat healthy (CDC). The food we eat fuels our everyday lives. However, alarmingly the amount of unhealthy fuel consumed is surprising. There are many reasons why unhealthy food consumption is so inevitable. Factors, such as snacking on the go, eating late night meals or just unhealthy food choices can effect having a healthy diet. Having created a healthy eating plan and attempting to stick with it; has made eating healthier not the troublesome task it use to be. Choosing foods that are rich in nutrients can help build a healthier life. With the leading cause of death among Americans to be unhealthy eating habits, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, changing old eating habits seems like the best solution. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to chronic diseases, such as, heart disease or diabetes. Having an unhealthy diet causes a lack of nutrients needed to remain healthy. Nutrients supply the energy needed to help regulate the body process. Having a healthy eating plan has helped to pick and choose the most suitable nutrient rich foods to maintain a healthy diet. The plan created a personal dieting guideline that was used daily to help regulate food consumption. Following the recommendations of the Food Pyramid helps reduce the risk of becoming overweight or obese because it gives suggestions on how much and which foods to
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Healthy Eating Plan2 - Healthy Eating Plan 1 Healthy Eating...

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