EAS207CO.F09 - COURSEOUTLINE Prerequisite PHY 107 MTH 142...

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                             Fall  2009                                                      COURSE OUTLINE Prerequisite: PHY 107, MTH 142 Co-requisite: MTH 241 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _ INSTRUCTOR: Professor Shahid Ahmad, 239 Ketter Hall, e-mail: [email protected] LECTURES: EAS 207C M W F 11:00 - 11:50 a.m. 114 HOCH EAS 207B M W F 12:00 - 12:50 p.m. 114 HOCH OFFICE HOURS: M W F 9:30 – 10:30 am @ 239 Ketter Hall RECITATIONS: As per the UB Schedule TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Names and Office hours (See the schedule at Course Information) __________________________________________________________________________________________ TEXT (REQUIRED): Engineering Mechanics -Statics, By Hibbeler, 12 th Edition with Customized problem set (available exclusively at the UB Bookstore) LECTURE NOTES: Available at EAS207 B/C Homepage on UBLEARNS REFRENCES: 1. Engineering Mechanics-Statics, 5 th 2. Engineering Mechanics-Statics, fourth edition, by Irving Shames, Prentice Hall ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _ COURSE DESCRIPTION: Application of mechanics to the study of static equilibrium of rigid and elastic bodies. Topics include composition and resolution of forces; moments and couples; equivalent force systems; free-body diagrams; equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies; forces in trusses and beams; frictional forces; first and second moments of area; moments and products of inertia; methods of virtual work and total potential energy. ____________________________________________________________________________
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EAS207CO.F09 - COURSEOUTLINE Prerequisite PHY 107 MTH 142...

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