notes monday march1 CHFD

notes monday march1 CHFD - o Flexibility o Balance o...

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Other Health Issues Common to Children in Middle Childhood - Head Lice o More common in girls o Less common in African Americans - Pinworms o Higher in European countries o Higher in unindustrialized countries (61% in India) - Asthma o Bronchial tubes very sensitive to stimuli o Doubled since 1980’s (United States, and other developed nations) 4% increase every year in diagnosis o Increasingly common, especially in industrialized countries 50 times greater in U.S. than in Africa o Explanations: Pollution Obesity Vitamin D: industrialized countries keep children inside more than in less developed nations (lowering levels of Vitamin D) Household cleaners Decreased use of aspirin/increase in acetaminophen Hygiene hypothesis o 3 rd highest cause of hospitalization in children o Heredity, environment increase risk
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Motor Development in Middle Childhood - Gross Motor Skills Improvement
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Unformatted text preview: o Flexibility o Balance o Agility o Force-Fine Motor Skills Improvement o Writing o Drawing o Music-Girls vs. Boys Physical Play in Middle Childhood-Games with rules and multiple players o Sports: early childhood vs. middle childhood o Invented games-Rough-and-tumble play o Peaks at this age-Adult-organized sports-Physical education o Percentage of U.S. Children in Daily Physical Education Programs from 1969-1999-Video games o Prevalence o Negative correlates Obesity Violence Addiction o Positive correlates Hand-eye coordination Skills for business world Changes in Brain During Middle Childhood-Frontal lobes—growth spurt from ages 9-10 o A.K.A. “dendritic spreading” or “exuberance”-Myelination occurs in frontal lobes and corpus callosum...
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notes monday march1 CHFD - o Flexibility o Balance o...

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