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Axia College Material Appendix D Indigenous Culture Web Site Review Template Question Response Web site 1 URL: www.iwgia.org/sw17294,asp Name of Indigenous culture/religion presented in Web site Argentina Consider the examples of roles and observances held sacred by these people. Is this practice being kept alive? From the discussion, it seemed like the majority in Argentina have not kept much of the culture. But they are free to praise as they want. Has the culture/religion evolved over time? Yes If the culture/religion still lives, how has Western culture changed it? Who authored this site? Do you think the content of the site is authentic? International work group for Indigenous affairs Name one interesting fact you learned from this Web site. Many Argentinians believe there are no indigenous people in their country, because of death. Question Response Web site 2 URL: www.argentour.com/en/argentina_religion.php HUM 130
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Name of indigenous culture/religion presented in Web site.
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