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Guidelines for Writing a Paper Review A paper review should have the following sections: 1- Authors, title, and reference information . Use SPE standard reference style. 2- Problem . Briefly describe the problem the authors are trying to solve. 3- Approach . Describe what the authors did. Did they do a theoretical analysis, laboratory work, numerical simulation, collected their and other experience in a review paper – or something else? Did they verify their results using lab experiments or field data? 4- Solution . Describe the solution the authors developed. Did they develop a new correlation, a new procedure, a new algorithm, or a new classification? 5- Conclusions . Describe the conclusions the authors reached as a result of the study. 6- Limitations . List the limitations of the work. 7- Application . How would you apply the knowledge provided in the paper? 8- Critique
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Unformatted text preview: . What questions did the author leave unanswered? What could the author have done to make the paper better? It should take no more than one page to summarize a typical paper. Some papers may require more; use your judgment. One or more of the above 8 points may not apply for certain papers; use your judgment. Examples on writing references (SPE style): Books: McCain, W.D., Jr.: The Properties of Petroleum Fluids , 2 nd ed. Tulsa, OK, PennWell Publishing Co., 1990. Journal Papers: El-Banbi, Ahmed H., McCain, W.D., Jr., and Semmelbeck, M.E.: “Well Productivity in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs,” JPT , April 2000, 67-68. Conference Papers: El-Banbi, Ahmed H. and Wattenbarger, R.A.: “Analysis of Commingled Tight Gas Reservoirs,” paper SPE 36736 presented at the 71st SPE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Denver, CO. Oct. 6-9, 1996....
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