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Practice Questions for Midterm I, Math 308/608 Spring 2010 1) The SAT math scores across the population of high school seniors follow a normal distribution with mean 500 and standard deviation 100. a) If five seniors are randomly selected, what is the distribution of the sum of their scores? b) If five seniors are randomly selected, what is the distribution of the average of their scores? 2) A random sample of 300 CitiBank VISA cardholder accounts indicated a sample mean debt of $1220 with a sample standard deviation of $840. Construct an approximate 95% confidence interval for the average debt of all cardholders, using the fact that P( Z > 1.96) = 0.025 for a standard normal random variable Z . 3) Suppose that X is discrete random variable with the following probability mass function: 3 (1 ), (2 (3 ) 1 . 24 4 PX θ θθ == = = ==− We observe a sample of size 5 with values x = (1, 2, 2, 3, 3). a) Find the method of moments estimate of . b) Find the maximum likelihood estimate of . 4) A random sample of 1200 engineers included 204 females. Find a 90% confidence interval for the proportion of all engineers who are female, using the fact that P(
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