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discussion module 5 - help in any way I can with advice and...

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My total score on the listening questionnaire was 39 out of 50, which gives me an average of a 70%. I was not shocked to see that I had scored so high, because people tell me that I am a very good listener. Whether I am interested or not, I always make sure to show my external appearances as to when I am listening. I really dislike when people act careless when I am having a conversation or when I am speaking to them about something that I at least find important or interesting. If not, I would not be conversing about it in the first place. My score tells me that I am a good listener. Yes, people have told me that I am a good listener because not only do I find myself interested in listening but I can also try to
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Unformatted text preview: help in any way I can with advice and stuff. While listening, the one that I do the most are advising and mind reading. I would like to change mind reading sometimes, because I do it a lot and in the end it doesn’t always go the way I thought it would. To change that, I think I am just going to have to train myself to not try to think about what the other person is think while I’m listening at least. Things that I have learned in this module that might change the way that I listen in the future is by making use of the active listening skills that is educated in the topic 1 section. Working actively to improve my listening skills with the things that I learn in the end will help me greatly....
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