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Unformatted text preview: The law of segregation expressed by Mendel explains how traits are passed down from parents to offspring’s. Mendel applied the scientific method when forming the law of segregation and how it relates to genetics. He wanted to understand the variation of traits from one generation to the next many of his experiments were conducted on pea plants. His experiments helped explain phenotype traits better compared to the blending concept. The law of segregation helps us understand that we receive our traits from our parents. The law of independent assortment helps us understand how hereditary traits are passed down from parents to offspring. When a homozygous dominant individual with attached earlobes and a homozygous recessive individual with unattached earlobes reproduce their offspring are heterozygous with attached earlobes. This contradicts the blending concept because all offspring contained attached earlobes. The phenotype traits of unattached earlobes are skipped over in the first generation and have a better probability during...
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