Week 4 (Revised) - Tom Marler BIOL 108 Week 4 worksheet...

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Tom Marler BIOL 108 Week 4 worksheet September 4, 2009 1. The functions of blood are: ______(1)______, _______(2)_________, ________(3)_______. (1) Primary transport- Gets rid of waste and transport important nutrients throughout the body. Transports plasma protein to aid in blood clotting among many other things. (2) Defend the body against pathogen invasion- Transports white blood cells to fight off infection (3) Regulatory Function- Regulated body temperature by picking up heat from active muscles and transporting it about the body. 2. Define antibody :________(4)___________. (4) Antibodies are produced by white blood cells which is a protein that combines with and disables pathogens, once the pathogen is disabled the phagocytic white blood cell can destroy them 3. Identify the formed elements of blood: ________(5)__________ (5) Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets 4. What are the major plasma proteins and their functions? _______(6)_________. (6) Albumins- most abundant which helps with the plasma osmotic pressure. They also combine with and help transport other organic molecules. Globulins- There are three types called alpha, beta and gamma, the alpha and beta help transport substance in the blood such as hormones, cholesterol and iron. Gamma globulins are the antibodies produced by the white blood cells called lymphocytes, not by the liver which helps fight disease. Fibrinogen- Is an inactive plasma protein but once active forms blood clots. Once activated it form a web they hold the blood cells in the punctured blood vessel. 5. Where are blood cells formed? ______________(7)__________.
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(7) Blood cells are formed by stem cells in the red bone marrow. This is the starting point for all cells in the blood. 6. Define stem cells and explain their importance. _________(8)_________. (8) Stem cells are the base of production for cells in the blood. Stem cells are the parent
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Week 4 (Revised) - Tom Marler BIOL 108 Week 4 worksheet...

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