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Week 7 disscu 2 - makes an organism able to survive and...

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Identify and briefly discuss the scientific evidence for human evolution. Give your answers in the appropriate thread. The best scientific evidence for human evolution is fossils because they are the actual remains of species that lived on earth. Fossil are assigned to the genus homo if the brain size is 600 cm3 or greater and the jaw and teeth resembles those of a human and tool use is evident. Fossils can also be such items as pieces of bone, impression of plants and even inserts trapped in tree resin. Paleontologists remove fossils from the strata to study them; they produce a fossil record which is the history of life recorded by fossils. Biological evolution is the process by which a pieces changes through time. An adaptation characteristic
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Unformatted text preview: makes an organism able to survive and reproduce in its environment. Adaptation helps explain the diversity of life basically why there are so many different types of living things. Biogeographically evidence is the study of the distribution of plants and animals in different places throughout the world. This supports the hypothesis that life form evolved in a particular location before they spread out. Darwin noted this with how South America lacked rabbits even though the environment was suitable for them. Anatomical Evidence which is the common anatomies and development of a group of organism are explainable by descent from a common ancestor. Human Biology Sylvia S. Mader 11 th edition ch. 22...
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