WHSHT5 - 8. What is the function of the large intestine?

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BIOL 108 Human Biology Worksheet 5, week 5 Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and submit it to Dropbox 5 by Sunday, Sep 13, 2009 by midnight Central Standard Time. The answers numbers are shown in parentheses. It is recommended that this be completed before the midterm exam is taken. 1. Identify and briefly explain the functions of the digestive process: a. _______(1)_________ b. _______(2)_________ c. _______(3)_________ d. _______(4)_________ 2, Identify and state the purpose of the segments of the first part of the digestive tract. a. _______(5)__________ b.________(6)__________ c. ________(7)__________ 3. Explain peristalsis. ____________________(8)_____________________. 4. What types of food are digested in the small instestine? _______(9)_________. 5. What type(s) of food does the pancreas help digest? ___________(10)________. 6. What does insulin do for the body and from what organ is it produced? _____(11)________. 7. What is hepatitis and what organ is affected? ___________(12)____________
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is the function of the large intestine? ______________(13)__________ 9. What is obesity? ________________________(14)__________ 10. What are essential amino acids? ___________(15)__________ 11. What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis? ____________(16)_________ 12. What is the purpose of the prostate gland? _____________(17)____________ 13.In males, what hormone is secreted by the hypothalamus? ________(18)_______ 14. What are the 2 gonadotrophic hormones? _______(19)_______ and _________(20)_________. In which sex are they produced? ______(21)______ 15. Which two organs do the oviducts connect? __________(22)__________ 16. Where does fertilization usually occur? ________(23)___________ 17. Consider the female system. Starting with the hypothalamus identify the hormones produced and their target and purpose (7 points)....
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WHSHT5 - 8. What is the function of the large intestine?

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