Notes For Louis XIV

Notes For Louis XIV - Louis XIV controlled his citizens...

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Louis XIV controlled his citizens with religion and government working together. This gave him the power to incorporate his own qualities into governing his country such as reformed laws, controlling certain groups of people and. With the support from certain advocates of his regin he was able to transform France into a very prosperous country. Combining religion and governmental power to run a functioning country has been an ongoing problem for many leaders. Louis XIV was able to control his country though an absolute monarchy; this gave him absolute authority over his citizens, his power was not absolute because he still had to follow the laws of God. Bousset was the court preacher for Louis XIV who supported the divine rights of the king which he expressed though sermons and books. Louis XIV used his power to the fullest and was demonstrated we he revoke the Edict of Nantes and his ability to control local nobles. Persecution of the Hugonet was largely orientated around one king, one law, and one faith rule. Louis XIV believed he needed conformity and obedience, the protestant were different because France was mostly Catholic. When Louis revoked the Edict of Nantes it opened the doors to persecute the protestant
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Notes For Louis XIV - Louis XIV controlled his citizens...

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