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CJAD 101 INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE ADMINSTRATION March 2010 (09/54) Online Course Syllabus Course Description History and development of major components of the criminal justice system. Topics include police, courts, prosecution, defense, institutional and community corrections, and the juvenile justice system. Prerequisite: None I. Overview and Course Goals Welcome to Introduction to Criminal Justice online! Material in this course is presented from a legal, criminological, historical, and social systems perspective. These different views will help students develop an understanding of the derivation and mechanical operation of each phase of a criminal case. We also take a look at the personnel involved, the justice process from investigation to arrest, court motions and procedures, the trial, appeal process, punishment, and alternative sentencing. The student should, upon course completion, be able to explain how our criminal justice system evolved, how it presently operates, current problems and concerns with the system, and how it might be improved. Each week we will focus on different issues encountered within the criminal justice system. Through online discussion assignments, quizzes, and dropbox assignments, we examine criminal justice issues, procedures, and court decisions that have molded and changed our criminal justice system. These are reinforced and expanded in readings from Criminal Justice Today 10, th edition. During Week 1: Chapter one. Discussion: For the first On-Line Discussion Assignment, students will introduce themselves to the class and tell us what you would like to be doing career-wise in five years. Quiz: Chapter One. Dropbox: Important information from the Syllabus that will help students do well in this class. During Week 2: Chapter two Discussion: Hate Crime and Elder Abuse issues Quiz: Chapter two. Dropbox: Uniform Crime Report (UCR), National Crime Victim Survey (NCVS), and National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) programs.
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During Week 3: Chapter four Discussion: Law enforcement agencies. Quiz: Chapter 4. Dropbox: Violations of criminal law During Week 4: Chapter seven Discussion: Impact dangerous crimes have on large cities and on our daily lives. Quiz: Chapter 7. Dropbox: Search and Seizure issues. . During Week 5: Chapter ten. Discussion: Pretrial procedures Quiz: Chapter 10. Dropbox: No Wk5. Dropbox Assignment. During Week 6: Chapter twelve. Discussion: Crime and Clues. Quiz: Chapter 12. Dropbox: Probation and parole (P & P). During Week 7: Chapter fifteen Evaluate this Course: Starting on Monday of Week 7, and until 5pm (Central Standard Time) on Wednesday of Week 8, students are asked to click on the Course Evaluation link under the “Academics” heading. Evaluations are anonymous and can play an important role in future presentations of this course. Discussion:
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