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Chemistry 2290 Final Exam 1 UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Chemistry 2290, Winter 2008, Dr. H. Georg Schreckenbach Final Examination April 19, 2008 (3 hours) Make sure the exam has 3 pages. Read the questions carefully!!!! Answer ALL questions. The questions that are marked ʻ Bonus ʼ are the only exception: These particular questions are optional and tend to be more involved but may earn you extra points (questions 1d, 5d, 13, 14). Most questions have multiple parts. Note that the questions aren ʼ t necessarily ordered by difficulty (or any other criteria). For numerical problems, all mathematical steps must be shown. A formula sheet will be provided that contains all the key equations of the course, and that can be taken home afterwards. However, this question sheet must be handed in at the end of the exam. (Total marks in the exam: 58; additionally, up to 6 bonus marks.) _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Laws of thermodynamics ( 3 marks – parts a to c; 1 bonus mark, part d) The laws of thermodynamics all have several different but equivalent formulations. Give a formulation that starts with the words It is impossible to … ” of (a) the First Law of Thermodynamics, (b) The Second Law of Thermodynamics, and (c) the Third Law of Thermodynamics. ( d Bonus ) For the First Law, show the equivalence between your formulation of question (1b) and the fact that the internal energy is a state function. 2. Some definitions and concepts across the board, part 1 (4 marks) (a) Define “thermodynamic equilibrium”. (b) What if any is the connection between “thermodynamic equilibrium” and “reversible process”? (c)
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