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Chemistry 2290 Midterm Examination 2, Winter 2008 1 For instructor ʼ s use only 1 2 3 4 Si. D. Total: /14 Name: Student ID: _ ____________________________________________________________________________ UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Chemistry 2290, Winter 2008, Dr. H. Georg Schreckenbach Second Midterm Examination March 14, 2008 Make sure the exam has 4 (four) pages. READ the question carefully ! Answer ALL questions. Some questions have multiple parts. Note that the questions aren ʼ t necessarily ordered by difficulty. If you use pencil , your exam will not be remarked! For numerical problems, all mathematical steps must be shown. Please answer all questions on the question sheets. Use reverse side or extra paper if more space is needed. On any extra sheet, indicate your name and student ID number, please. _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Third Law of Thermodynamics 3 marks (a) Provide a concise verbal statement of the Third Law of Thermodynamics. (b)
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