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Improvitisation �requientando

Improvitisation �requientando - eclecticism(soaking...

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Improvitisation –requientando. Participatory music, communitarism Indihinismo Folkloric cities. If people play something wrong they are publically criticized. A highly performance based music although it may sound similar to indigenous music. Cultural relations/formations-it is not geographically important (i.e- religious music) Cosmipoliton tend to congregate with each other. They tend to congregate because they have habits, and beliefs and they are more confortable with others. They celebrate
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Unformatted text preview: eclecticism (soaking up different culture). Eclecticism is really important value for cosmipolitons. They have not claimed a homeland. Chichi- a mix of peruvium cumbia. This is important because it was created to form an identity/own style. They are 2 nd generation people from the highlands. They are from the highlands, however, since they have been in the city and nevr the highlands the original music doesn’t fit them...
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