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Lecture 3 - mean that primarily any more Criollo means...

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Tarkas are especially festive. Associated with marti gra. Tinquillas have a thinner higher sound than tarkas do. Pitu is made out of bamboo but it resembles a western flute. Chaotic Beginnings and Endings are really common. Sometimes they just stop when someone screws up. The larger the ensemble the better. Hocket - It is a type of improvisation. Thick outside the modern dichonomy. (outside of the box) Mestizo (Spanish and latino origins) originally meaned mized races/ However, it does not
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Unformatted text preview: mean that primarily any more. Criollo means primarily European heritage/ways/values Indihinismo Mestizo music adds a lower sring sound that indigineous people do not like as much Essay question Explain the relationship between the music traditions and cultural values of Conima. Use the concept of dispitory music in your answer....
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