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Study NF-Kappa Beta as well as I-Kappa Beta. Make sure you know this pathway. HERP- Human Endocrine Receptor Pathway. Look this up in the book and know it. . Ubiquitin pathway, E1, E2, and E3. Each reaction only adds one ubiquitin molecule. So if you want to create the polyubiquitin chain, E2 and E3, needs to form the complex multiple times. . There is a specific number of ubiquitin molecules that allows the 19S cap to recognize the protein and proceed. Some nuclear porins can be glycosylated. Glycosylation is important to to the function of the nuclear pores. If there is a protein such as lectin binds to the glycosylated part of the pore is inhibited and cannot transfers molecules in or out. However, we do not know how this occurs right now. NLS helps the protein go into the nucleus however it needs other factors such as cytosolic proteins/elements. This is shown in the digitonin experiment. Importin is the
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Unformatted text preview: molecule that binds to the NLS and takes it to the nucleus. Know Ras, Ran, MAP kinase. While we do not kneed to know the nucleoporins or which amino acid is being phosphorilated BUT make sure you know the specific protein s in the pathways we have discussed. What does the nuclear export signal in I-Kappa-B important? It is important because it is bound to NF-Kappa-B and this prevents the importin from binding to the NF-Kappa B. Once it gets degraded the NF-Kappa-B can and will go into the nucleus because it is a transcription factor. However, eventually it needs to be inhibited again and I-Kappa-B will move into the nucleus and bind to the NF-Kappa-B. Now, due to the NES the I-Kappa-B binded to the NF-Kappa-B can move back out to the cytoplasm....
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