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Lecture #3 - • How did they live as immigrants Hardships...

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10/2/08 Lecture #3 Journey to America Who were the immigrants in Classic era (late 19 century to 1930’s)? Their Countries of origin? –Polish, Italian, Russian, and European…etc. Why did they migrate? o Police o Politics o Seeking a better life Examples to illustrate theories of international migration? o Industrial rest in their cities, Poverty o Government was taking Boys to the army
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Unformatted text preview: • How did they live as immigrants? Hardships? o Getting there- No money, many people wanted to go o Inspections, Voyage could last up to a week long • Challenges after they immigrated? o Illnesses o Must have 5 pounds • Job Opportunities? o Limited, very little pay o Coal miners, slater houses o Kids worked at age of 10 o Racial Discrimination...
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