Lecture #5 - 10/9/08 Lecture #5 Contemporary Immigration...

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10/9/08 Lecture #5 Contemporary Immigration Policies 2 Major Themes in Post-65 Immigration Policies Immigrants’ Social Rights Illegal Immigrations Welfare and Citizenship Policy by Country: Country Welfare Policy Citizenship Policy USA Rights based on needs Rights based on land of birth Germany Rights based on work Rights based on lineage Sweden Rights based on citizenship Rights based on residence The 1996 Welfare Reform in the US: Historical Background: “Ending Welfare as we know it” –The 1996 PROWRA o Keeping Welfare under control o Keeping families non-dependent on welfare Some Problems 2 Appealing narratives: family values and self-sufficiency But problematic Implementations o 2 Stories: Clara and Cassandra Clara- Failure to the welfare Cassandra- Wont give address of father What went wrong Minimum wage not a livable wage; Rule too rigid Added Challenges for Immigration Recipients (1) Citizenship as the principle of eligibility o
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Lecture #5 - 10/9/08 Lecture #5 Contemporary Immigration...

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