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Lecture #10 - E Bilingual Education A Contentious Issue(I...

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Linguistic Incorporation and Educational Achievement A) Trends of Language use a. “English only” population declined b. “Non-English at home” population almost doubled c. Roughly which of ½ speaks Spanish (I think this pertains to b.) B) Patterns of Language Use a. Spniash as dominant minority language b. Great language diversity C) Linguistic Incorporation a. A key factor in economic incorporation b. A key factor in cultural assimilation c. Overcoming barriers in receiving public services i. Much greater language diversity among older immigrants in poverty, which becomes a challenge for social workers and service recipients alike D) Key Contextual Factors a. Entered U.S. early in adulthood b. Have been in U.S. for a long time c. Having native-born spouse d. Participated in U.S. labor force
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Unformatted text preview: E) Bilingual Education: A Contentious Issue (I think this slide had those circle drawings she was talking about today) F) Understanding “English Immersion” and “Bilingualism” in Education a. Shared goals i. Students learning English ii. Students receiving a good education b. different philosophies i. Fast transition into “English-only” ii. Native language as tool and resource G) Impacts on Education a. No obvious difference reported i. Five-year study on Prop. 227 ii. 2008 study (Civil Rights Project at UCLA) b. New study indicated English immersion has slight effect H) Family Factors and Implementation are Important a. Parental involvement b. Teachers having higher standards c. Strong management of schools...
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