Lecture #11 - 11/6/2008 Lecture #11 Encountering the US...

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11/6/2008 Lecture #11 Encountering the US Healthcare System Lecture Outline The gap between US healthcare system and immigrants’ underground healthcare How does the US healthcare system treat minority and immigrant patients? What are the major social and cultural barriers for immigrant’s patients? Current policies – pros and cons. Underground Healthcare System Unlicensed healers; ethnic pharmacists Ex: Study in Queens NY: 65% of immigrants reported using alternative medicine. Why? o Cultural familiarity o Cost- Couldn’t pay for Doctors visit o Fear of medical authority among illegal immigrants Example form California’s Central Valley Most immigrants don’t go to the doctors because they are not documented are scared. They use cheap Mexican medication. They also use people that heal/cleanse the body. They don’t have money to by drugs. Potential Problems Homecare for serious illnesses Unsupervised use of prescription drugs Combining herbs and Western medication without telling doctors
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Lecture #11 - 11/6/2008 Lecture #11 Encountering the US...

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