Lecture #14 - 11/20/2008 Lecture #14 Inter-Generational...

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11/20/2008 Lecture #14 Inter-Generational Dynamics The Story of Ventura and Nora Background- Father worked in a slaughterhouse. Tried to get immigration papers. The family was finally able to make the trip and sponsor the family. What are the differences between Ventura’s and Nora’s goal. In the story, these differences between the two surfaced only after they immigrated to the US. How would you explain that? o Ventura wants to have a sense of the community. Nora wants to receive her education. o Nora: The mother is restricted within her house. And Nora can go out and get an education. Now she is going to night school to receive her GED. o The mom is confronted with barriers. Life revolves around her husband. Family Dynamics: Challenges Immigrants coping mechanisms often pose challenges for family dynamics o Example: Working long hours o Example: “Intentional Fostering” among the West Indians READ the Book o Example: “Parachute Kids” among Chinese immigrants
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Lecture #14 - 11/20/2008 Lecture #14 Inter-Generational...

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