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12/4/2008 Lecture #17 Looking towards the Future Immigrants Civic and Political Participation in the U.S. The New Citizenship Test The new citizenship test introduced in early 2007 The goal of the reform: “Our goal is to inspire immigrants to learn about the civic values of this nation so that…they will participate fully in our great democracy. Immigrants Civic and Political Participation What is civic participation? What is political participation? Why is it desirable for the nation? Transferable Civic skills Civic engagement in home country, or established “bridging ties” in receiving
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Unformatted text preview: country • Oriented toward the “public good” • Concerns about civic life in U.S. • Introducing new perspectives Political Engagement • Political Engagement is voting, petitioning, fundraising for a political party. • Low rates of political participation among Asian and Latino immigrations. • Why? o Citizenship, Education, Self-Identity The Immigrant Nation? Towards a Multi-ethnic Civil Society • Strong political representation from all members of society -> stability of democracy o Ex: Michael Mann’s The Dark Side of Democracy...
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