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Assignment Part A: In regards to the comic book issue, I believe that what was being done by the employees of that company was wrong. Taking things that do not belong to you could pose major problems. The employees have not fully weighed the consequences or repercussions that could come from stealing money from a company. Not only will the person taking the money be in violation of a felony crime, but also the person who knowingly did not report the crime. Stealing is just wrong in any form, if it does not belong to you, you should just leave it where it is. In this comic, the lady calling to report it is doing exactly what she is suppose to do. Even though it may cause someone to lose their job, the person who was stealing should have thought about that.
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Unformatted text preview: Assignment Part B: When I was working for a company, we had a manager that was doing some unethical things. Not only was she cheating to get the numbers the company wanted the store to achieve, she was also stealing money and food. Knowing that I stood for none of what she was doing, she never did it in my presence. After hearing of this on several occasions from other employees, whom might I add feared that they would be terminated if they said something I took matters into my own hands. I reported the information to our Company Business manager and they launched an investigation. What they found was not enough to get her fired, but she was put on a written final notice. Stealing is wrong no matter what you are taking or who you are taking it from....
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