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Legislation Legacy - was the United States Postal Service...

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Legislation Legacy Stephanie Hendrickson 6/11/10 ETH 125- Cultural Diversity Lindsay Zanello
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A current issue between Native Americans and the federal Government is the Pact Act law that the federal government passed which will go into effect in late June. This law has removed the only resources for Native Americans to keep their tobacco industry growing and to secure jobs within their own communities. According to Native Americans, when the President was running for office he promised to listen to their concerns and to address any issues with tribal council before decisions affecting them would be made. The Native Americans have been shipping tobacco across America for a long time and have created over 3,000 jobs within this time period. Now with the Pact Act law going into effect, Native Americans will no longer be able to ship through their only remaining resource which
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Unformatted text preview: was the United States Postal Service. Native Americans feel that the President did not keep his promise to them in ensuring that they would not be affected by the treaty between them and the U.S. Native Americans have received nothing but broken promises, empty words, and broken treaties over decades. I believe that Congress is responsible for these changes because they have the power to create laws and the House of Representatives and the Senate are the ones who can pass the laws. Each one of them plays a vital role in destroying the treaties made with Native Americans. They passed this law to prevent all cigarette trafficking in the U.S., but did not consider that this would affect Native Americans in such a tremendous way....
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Legislation Legacy - was the United States Postal Service...

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