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In my opinion, I do not believe that the United States government policy should favor no certain kinds of immigrants. I believe that everyone should be given the same chance to come here on their own recognizance. They should all be able to receive the same opportunities to work, live, be educated and succeed. Every legal and illegal immigrant is looking for a better way of life to support their families. I believe citizenship should be given to those who can show just cause on why they want to become a citizen. Even though there are some who need it more than others, this is not a reason to show preferential treatment. If you want to become a citizen of the United States, then you should prove yourself or show why and how becoming a citizen will benefit you. Those people who are skilled and jobs are in demand for those professions should have to show evidence as to
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Unformatted text preview: why they should be citizens as well. If America would educate our own better, we would have these professions available for those who were born with the right of citizenship in America. Being oppressed should not be a reason for preference and neither is being rich. Citizenship should be based on how you can give back to a country that has given to you. What will you do to keep America growing? What contributions have you made to society in terms of helping in your communities? There should be no priority given to any one country, since everyone wants and needs the opportunity to better themselves and their lives. People use America to get ahead, but what is America receiving for allowing them to do so. How are natural-born citizens able to get ahead if we are allowing for everyone to come in and take away what everyone is working toward?...
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