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CheckPoint Implicit Association Test

CheckPoint Implicit Association Test - language facial...

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My results were little to no automatic preference between dark skin and light skin. I believe based on the test it could be true. I do not prefer one over the other, I treat everyone the same until they show me otherwise. I do believe it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice, since this test is based on where you say the words and the button it tells you to press when you see the picture or words. How can prejudice truly be measured based on what you see and what button to press when you see them? Prejudice can probably be measured through discussion or interviews based on the topic and the attitude and demeanor of someone during the discussion. Body
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Unformatted text preview: language, facial expressions, and tone can tell a lot about a person. Prejudice is something that we may never really be able to measure based on these types of test. Some measurements that sociologists use to calculate prejudice is the social distance scale, the authoritarian personality, and the Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory. Many of these scales were based on assumptions and not facts of how one would act if put in an environment where prejudice exists. Based on these test, I do not think that prejudice is or can be really measured....
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