CheckPoint Defining Race and Ethnicity

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The term race is used to describe the color of your skin, whether you are black or white. Ethnicity mean of what ethnic origin you are from. This could include African- American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Mexican, etc. To me race and ethnicity are used interchangeably and can be interpreted to mean the same things. Using the word black and/or white is just another word for African-American, and white is just another name for Caucasian. The word ethnicity goes more in-depth to relate to other races in the world. With race everything is based more on physical appearance rather than cultural differences as it is with ethnicity which is based on the latter. These concepts are important to the United States society in order to track the needs
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Unformatted text preview: of different communities based on ethnicity. The needs are different for everyone, but in order to help make the communities more beneficial for the people who live in them, one must know the make-up or ethnic groups in each area. It is used to study the social, demographics, health, and economic characteristics in the society of The United States. Using these terms also helps to track how each group is affected by different things and how many people in each group receives different services provided by the American government such as welfare, public housing, schooling, healthcare, etc....
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