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Costs and Benefits Week 1 Application 1 Marc Patterson ECON-1001-3 Macroeconomics Instructor Palur October 23, 2009 Costs and Benefits1
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What are the costs and benefits of possible changes to current immigration legislation for legal workers, illegal workers, and the country as a whole? When you think about this question, you have to think about legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigration is where the government regulates who is coming in. They are basing their decisions on relatives of the candidates and what the immigrant’s jobs might be. They are focusing on immigrants who are higher educated than some Americans. Legal immigrants usually come in small numbers and there are usually few legal immigrants who are willing to work the lower paying jobs such as food preparation, construction, or cleaning services. This is costing some Americans jobs. Some Americans who are poorly educated depend on some of these types of jobs to make it in society.
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