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VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT Vision Statement To become the number one motor home vehicle company in the world. This vision statement effectively answers the question of what this company wants to become. It’s simple and straight to the point. Mission Statement Winnebago Industries, is the leading United States (3) manufacturer of motor homes (2) and related products and services. Our mission is to continually improve our products and services to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers (1,6). We emphasize employee (9) teamwork and involvement in identifying and implementing programs to save time and lower production costs while maintaining the highest quality of products (7). These strategies allow us to prosper as a business with a high degree of integrity and to provide a reasonable return for our shareholders, the owners of our business (5). 1. Customer 2. Products or services 3. Markets 4. Technology 5. Concern for survival, profitability, growth 6. Philosophy 7. Self-concept 8. Concern for public image 9. Concern for employees Winnebago’s mission statement identifies the scope of its operations in most of the nine mission statement components but with less emphasis on technology and its concern for public image. However overall this mission statement effectively affirms what their business/ mission is.
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External Audit Opportunities 1. US tax laws favor tax treatment for the purchase and sale of motor homes that are used as the equivalent of 2 nd homes. 2. Motor home buyers are entering the market as early as age 35 in life. Historically most buyers were 55 and older. 3. Sale of RVs are expected to rise by 8.5 percent by year end 2010. 4. Recreational Vehicle Rental Associations survey expects a 20 percent increase in motor home and travel trailer rentals. 5. Reports indicate that savings on lodging and food make RVing make traveling cheaper in the long run. 6. By the end of the decade the number of baby boomers retired should be 38 percent higher than in 2000. 7. According to an University of Michigan Study, two-thirds of current owners play to purchase another RV. 8. Among all US households, 23 percent indicate they are considering purchasing a RV in the future. 9.
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