3 Body_Regions_structures_and_Systems-_Lab_Procedure_Rev[1]

3 Body_Regions_structures_and_Systems-_Lab_Procedure_Rev[1]...

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Body Regions and Terminology Lab 1 The major features of the human body include certain cavities, a set of membranes associated with these cavities, and a group of organ systems composed of related organs. In order to communicate effectively with each other about the body, scientists have devised names to describe these body features. They also have developed terms to represent the relative positions of body parts, imaginary planes passing through these parts, and body regions. PURPOSE OF EXERCISE To review the organizational pattern of the human body, to review its organ systems and the organs included in each system, and to become acquainted with the terms used to describe the relative position of body parts, body sections, and body regions. This document is meant to help you learn a great deal of new terminology. Most of the terms will likely be new to you; printing and writing your answers to he questions will assist your learning process. Do NOT return this document to the instructor. When you’ve become familiar and confident using the terminology, you should complete the lab quiz and submit that for grading and credit. LEARNING OBJECTIVES
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3 Body_Regions_structures_and_Systems-_Lab_Procedure_Rev[1]...

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