Chapter 2 Inorganic Substances

Chapter 2 Inorganic Substances - Question 9 serves as...

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Chapter 2 Inorganic Substances Review of attempt 3 Question 1: important in maintaining water balance Question 2: Four substances found within bone tissue are Question 3: metal necessary for proper bone development Question 4: determines pH of internal environment Question 5: used as electron acceptor in energy release from glucose Question 6: helps regulate body temperature Question 7: metal necessary for muscle contraction Question 8: metabolic waste product formed during citric acid cycle
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Unformatted text preview: Question 9: serves as cofactor in certain metabolic processes, component of bone tissue Question 10: transports various dissolved substances Question 11: helps maintain acid-base balance Question 12: reacts with water to form carbonic acid Question 13: help maintain polarization of cellular membranes Question 14: required for the synthesis of nucleic acids and other vital molecules Question 15: medium in which biochemical reactions occur ....
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