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Cell Structure Lab Quiz - Cell Structure Lab Quiz (Ch3)...

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Cell Structure Lab Quiz (Ch3) (Lab 3A) Question 1 Match the numbered lines with the name of the cellular organelle or structure. mitochondrion microtubule vesicle flagellum golgi apparatus chromatin nucleolus rough endoplasmic reticulum smooth endoplasmic reticulum nucleoplasm ribosomes nuclear envelope lysosome cilia centrioles Marks for this submission: 15/15. Question 2 Match the functions with the components of the cell membrane. bind to each other, forming membrane surface forms a stable film separating cell from environment coiled structures form receptors for hormones unique combinations identify cells as part of "self" rigid structure provides membrane strength non-polar regions form barrier to water-soluble substances form "channels" allowing entry/exit of specific materials Marks for this submission: 4/7.
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Question 3 Match each function listed below with the numbered line indicating the location of the organelle which performs this function in the diagram . fluid containing nucleotides contains digestive enzymes structure that moves mucus in trachea converts energy in sugar to ATP energy packages and addresses proteins for delivery within or out of cell provides structural strength to cell shipping structure for new proteins structure that moves sperm involved in organization of mitotic spindle protects DNA from nuclease enzymes site of RNA synthesis membranous site of protein manufacture contains DNA and histones peptide bonds formed within this struture Marks for this submission: 15/15. Question 4 Match the cellular organelle with the description of its function. contains enzymes which detoxify oxygen radicals slender epithelial organelle involved in movement of secretions. finger-like extension of cytoplasm which increases epithelial surface area
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Cell Structure Lab Quiz - Cell Structure Lab Quiz (Ch3)...

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