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multiple choice and TF

multiple choice and TF - 1 2 3 of a cell is the most...

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1. __________ of a cell is the most critical factor in determining its function. A. size B. shape C. age D. chromosome number 2. The _________ of the cell directs its overall activities as well as houses its genetic material. A. nucleolus B. endoplasmic reticulum C. nucleus D. centrosome 3. Which feature is not a characteristic of the cell membrane? A . It is made up of a phospholipid monolayer. B. It can seal tiny breaks in itself. C. It is selectively permeable and can regulate passage of material through it. D. Many kinds of proteins are embedded in the membrane. 4. Molecules that are soluble in ___________ can pass through the fatty acid portion of the cell membrane unassisted. 5. The type of proteins that guide cells on the move in the bloodstream to their destination at a wound site are _____________. 6. Choose the correct statement about cell membranes.
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