CMQ6 - CMQ6 Question 1 Match the word roots with its...

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Question 1 Match the word roots with its meaning. small bag grease white skin under the skin entire passage upon horn black Marks for this submission: 10/10. Question 2 The integument, or skin, consists of two layers of tissue resting upon a third which binds it to the underlying organs and structures. The outermost layer is the which is made up of . The inner layer of the integument is the which consists of . Scattered through the tissue are numerous blood vessels, nerves, elastin and collagen fibers, and smooth muscle tissue. Lying below the integumentary layers is a third layer containing , and not elastic or reticular or dense regular . The third layer is referred to as the or . Marks for this submission: 8/9. Question 3 The image is included to help you visualize the layers. The brackets show the approximate locations of each. The epidermis has four or five distinct layers, depending upon its location and thickness. The innermost layer is the . Because this innermost layer is closest to the blood supply, nutrient and gas exchange is sufficent to allow the process of mitosis. As a result, the layer is also known as the . As cells are pushed outwards, cell shape changes with the loss of water and nutrients and the proteins are converted to strong stringy waterproof layer in the process of . The outermost layer is the in which the protein conversion process has been completed. In areas where the epidermis is very thick, a fifth layer (the ) can be discerned between the and . Marks for this submission: 7/7. Question 4 The symptoms of psoriasis are due to a. increased cell division in the epidermis. b. increased keratinization of dermal cells.
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CMQ6 - CMQ6 Question 1 Match the word roots with its...

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