18 - The Scientific Article Why should we use a Style...

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The Scientific Article Why should we use a Style Manual? The primary reason is to increase the ease of reading comprehension for the audience It allows the reader to easily scan articles for important points It encourages a lot of detail for some aspects of the articles and discourages too many details in other parts. It allows quantitative analyses to be concise and have standard qualities, making it easier to understand A Brief History of the APA Publication Manual Originally published in 1929 by the American Psychological Association (only 7 pages long) Used by researchers in a number of fields such as psychology, education, business, nursing and justice administration Is now in the 6th edition, published in July 2009 The publication manual has sought to move forward with technology and with more technological advances in the way we do and report research, we have needed changes to the style Manuscript Style You should use 1 margins for the entire manuscript You should use Times New Roman 12 point font for the text of the manuscript You should use Arial font for the figure labels You should indent each paragraph You should double space the entire document Watch out because Microsoft Word will automatically add an additional space between paragraphs To remove the extra space, select the last line of the paragraph before they added an extra space, go to the spacing options, and select “remove space after paragraph”
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18 - The Scientific Article Why should we use a Style...

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