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Unformatted text preview: 1. What is the product? (THOROUGHLY explain utilize all the charactertistics of a service.) The product in this case is the Dallas Mavericks Basketball team and what they have to offer its fans. In terms of characteristics, the intangibility of the team is the experience quality that the fans receive after the game. The goal of Mark Cuban is for the fans to walk away from a game and feel like they had a great time at the game with hopes that they will return and tell other people about how much fun they had at the game. This is a great word-of-mouth philosophy and he hopes to utilize it well. The inseparability is that he wants to be know as great entertainment industry for the fans, but also to have a unique product by providing entertainment such as the Mav’s Man that no other basketball team has to offer. This also goes along with the heterogeneity of the basketball team. By providing this service, to offer....
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