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test4_10Sol - LAST NAME STUDENT NR PHYS 1010 6.0 CLASS TEST...

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LAST NAME: STUDENT NR: PHYS 1010 6.0: CLASS TEST 4 Time: 50 minutes; Calculators & formulae provided at the end = only aid; Total = 20 points. 1) [5] Three identical charges with Q = +7 . 5 μ C are located at P 1 = ( - L, 0), P 2 ( L, 0) and P 1 = (0 , L ) in the xy plane. What are the magnitude and direction of the force on an electron located at the origin O = (0 , 0) of the plane? Begin with a figure which shows the location of the three charges, and the electron. 1
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2) [5] A small plastic sphere carries an unknown charge Q . It is suspended by a string and placed in a uniform electric field ~ E = 100 ˆ i N / C that is turned on gently at t = 0. One finds that it finally makes an angle θ = 45 with respect to the vertical direction, and that it turned clockwise from the vertical as the field was turned on. Determine the charge Q (magnitude and sign). Start with a figure depicting the initial and final positions of the suspendend sphere and free-body diagrams for both positions.
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