MG665-2009 Lesson 2 Assn2

MG665-2009 Lesson 2 Assn2 - 14 Jan 2009 Lesson 2 Assn 2...

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14 Jan 2009 Lesson 2, Assn 2 Case Exercise for “Yellowtail Marine, Inc.” 1. Given Gilcrist’s overall situation at Yellowtail Marine, Inc., as you see it, what goals should she have in mind? Are any of these goals in conflict? Which should be her chief goal(s)? In that light, rank the items in the in-basket into three groups. Robyn’s goals are in conflict because of time and money. On one hand she has an inspector coming at 0900 and yet needs to fly to San Francisco; on the other, she has to consider spending money on meeting Clean Air regulations when this money could be spent on acquiring another business. Her chief goal should be the survival of the business, which is directly threatened by the EPA/OSHA inspections. a. Which items are most important? What should she do about them and why? Urgent, critical items: OSHA and EPA inspections (could result in the business being shut down or excessively fined); determining the legal/environmental actions to take (these could result in excess fines or negative publicity); and meeting with the potential dealer (solidifying continued
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MG665-2009 Lesson 2 Assn2 - 14 Jan 2009 Lesson 2 Assn 2...

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