MG665-2009 Lesson 6 Assn3

MG665-2009 Lesson 6 Assn3 - over my authorization and...

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25 Jan 2009 Lesson 6, Assn 3 Case Exercise for “ Dotsworth Press” Employee Performance Appraisal Form Please complete the following appraisal of the employee’s performance over the past year. Quality of Performance: Conditional Satisfactory Superior Productivity : Conditional Satisfactory Superior Attitude : Conditional Satisfactory Superior Initiative : Conditional Satisfactory Superior Please attach a one-page assessment of the performance of this employee during the past year. Please note areas that need improvement, specific accomplishments, other outstanding areas of interest. Over the past year there has been a serious departure from the industrious and diligent worker into the negligent and unprofessional. Ms. Wilson began the year performing her duties as an editorial assistant in the superior range; however, her attitude has become increasingly negative regarding her job duties in the past 2 months. She has made efforts in expanding her job scope to include functions of an editor; however, she has made several mistakes due to disregarding proper protocol, namely in passing
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Unformatted text preview: over my authorization and guidance in approving manuscripts with multiple editorial errors. Ms. Wilson is a very intelligent and capable worker who may not be challenged by the limits of this position. She is increasingly opposed to performing critical job functions as an assistant. Multiple times she has arrived late and left her work area to social loaf in a nearby department. She has shown initiative in the past to become an editor, but her actions of late are not appropriate in any position. I recommend Ms. Wilson to modify her attitude about her existing position as editorial assistant. She may continue to perform editorial work as long as her other duties are performed first. She must continue to perform critical job functions—checking mail, proofreading reports, arriving timely, and clerical duties—or else she may lose her position in our company....
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MG665-2009 Lesson 6 Assn3 - over my authorization and...

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