MG665-2009 Lesson 9 Assn1

MG665-2009 Lesson 9 Assn1 - 27 Jan 2009 Lesson 9 Assn 1...

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27 Jan 2009 Lesson 9, Assn 1 Case Exercise for “ Oxford Energy” 1. How should Rettger prepare for his upcoming Derry presentation? Rettger should perform audience analysis to better understand how to “sell” his offer to the interests of the Derry community. One way that he can do this is by asking for demographics and statistics from the city officials. If he finds that most people living in Derry are commuters who fear that the plant will increase traffic or cause an influx of more businesses—which is the case—then he will have to focus his primary argument on quelling this fear. He should also prepare several rationales explaining why and how the plant will help the community, including proposals from the city for future proposals (parks, road improvement, etc.). He must sell the “vision” of life in the city with the plant and give a reasonable sense of urgency for why the city needs the plant. In addition to preparation for the presentation, he should flood media outlets to persuade the locals. 2. How would you analyze his probable audience? He can analyze his audience in several ways: informal surveys of random people; city officials’ opinions (after all, they should know who votes for them); or by observing local media outlets, especially public access or local news. He could take an ad out in a local paper extolling the
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MG665-2009 Lesson 9 Assn1 - 27 Jan 2009 Lesson 9 Assn 1...

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