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27 Jan 2010 Lesson 10, Assn 1 Case Exercise for “ Reed-Watkins Pharmaceuticals” 1. Evaluate Kirk’s letter of 5 March 2000. What message does it send? How well has he considered the different segments of his audience? What expectations did he raise? Kirk’s message listed three points, with the most important point coming last. Putting myself in the situation as an employee at Reed, I thought the letter was weak and unpersuasive. It started with an external attitude (of focusing on the diversity of our costumers), then moved closer inward (responsibility and accountability should be shared among all levels in our team), and finally hit the target (we must value diversity and be respectful of others). He concluded with the weak “please feel free” phrase. Overall, he did raise some expectation of continuing to systematize diversity in the culture in the future but he didn’t offer concrete examples. 2. What message did Kirk’s lack of communication about diversity after March 2000 send to his various
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