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28 Jan 2010 Lesson 10, Assn 4 Case Exercise for “ McArthur Place” Answer the following questions concerning the case "McArthur Place." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. Is Carolyn’s request to quietly cover John’s phone bills unethical? Yes, as she is trying to break a company policy that requires people to be held responsible for their actions. By enabling John to keep his job despite his violations, she is setting a trend in lowering the ethical culture of the overall company. If Emily follows through, then she too will be more likely to make unethical choices in order to allow unethical behavior to continue. 2. Does the case suggest that John has in fact been treated unfairly? No, that is only Carolyn’s opinion, which is heavily biased because John is her son. 3. Should Emily’s friendship with Carolyn have any effect on her decision? No, as Emily has a duty to doing the right thing above upsetting a friend.
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