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MG665-2009 Letter1 Assn1

MG665-2009 Letter1 Assn1 - 12 Jan 2009 Letter 1 Assn 1...

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12 Jan 2009 Letter 1, Assn 1 Initial Diagnosis As I am currently unemployed, there are no working relationships to analyze; instead, I will analyze my previous working experience in the Air Force, including my normal job and my volunteer position. I did not have any employees reporting directly to me, but I did report to several different supervisors in my work section. In the majority of these situations I was casual and aloof unless there was important work to be done, which was rare. We did not work too hard, and communication here was easy. In my volunteer position, however, as president of the local anti-drunk-driving chapter, I had to comport myself with professionalism and use concise and influential communication skills. I was ultimately the mouthpiece for my organization, and my very success in the position relied on my ability to persuade others to volunteer for my cause or provide donations. The next two paragraphs will briefly summarize and analyze the attached documents, and the final paragraph will cover my career goals and aspirations.
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