blackwater - Rajan Parajuli Speech 1311 Book Review Prof:...

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Rajan Parajuli Speech 1311 Book Review Prof: Long Black Water Blackwater is a private military company founded in 1997 by ex-navy seal billionaire Erik Prince. Only handful of people had ever heard about Blackwater before March 31, 2004, when a convoy of two vehicles consisting of four contractors was ambushed in Fallujah, Iraq. Suddenly the world’s attention turned to Blackwater and other private contractors in Iraq. There are about 140,000 soldiers in Iraq and almost the same number of private contractors of which Blackwater has estimated 2,300, although no one has confirmed it. Their objective is the security of diplomatic personnel of the coalition forces, a job that military was responsible for. The controversies surrounding the Blackwater are numerous. In a memorandum submitted to Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Blackwater has been involved in over 195 incidents of “escalation of force” between 2005 and 2007 in which Blackwater has fired first shot in 80% of the incidents. Yet, no investigation has taken place ever to discover the truth. In interviews, when asked about the accountability, the reply was that they were accountable for all their actions and had to reply to State Department. But the question is, whether the diplomats, who trust Blackwater with their lives, will ever investigate or even report the incidents to the State Department. Blackwater explains these shootings as self defense. They justify by saying that they have to protect their “package” by any means necessary. They do not
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blackwater - Rajan Parajuli Speech 1311 Book Review Prof:...

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